Engie M2M Enables

Low cost, low power, long range data transmission to and from millions of connected objects.


50 billion objects will be connected to the internet by 2020. Engie M2M is building a high-capacity dedicated IoT connectivity network to allow these millions of small data transmissions from and to connected objects. 

Powered by Sigfox

Low cost

A simple subscription program that offers 5-10 times cheaper communication. SIGFOX-enabled devices are cheaper and require less maintenance, resulting in a lower total cost.

Low power

SIGFOX-enabled connectivity is 200-600 times more energy-efficient than traditional cellular networks. Devices and base stations can have up to 20 years autonomy.

Long range

SIGFOX is the best choice for long-range data transfers between objects. Data transfers range from 3-10 km in urban areas, 30-50 km in rural areas, and up to 1000 km for outdoor objects.

Plug & play

ENGIE M2M operates independent of existing networks. No SIM card needed, no gateway to install, no pairing to the network. Any SIGFOX certified connectivity solution can link up to the network instantly.

Global network

The international SIGFOX network operator (SNO) program allows for an automatic global reach for all connected objects. No roaming involved.

Reliable & secure

All data transfers going through the ENGIE M2M network are secured by embedded identification, frequency hopping & anti-replay mechanisms.

Become a certified partner

If you are an IoT hardware or solution provider and want to gain access to the ENGIE M2M network - or you want to get certified - please fill in the contact form to receive more information.